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Golf Pride CP2 Pro Grip


You’ve got to feel it to believe it. Introducing Golf Pride’s softest performance grip ever. Inner Control Core Technology for added stability combines with soft rubber with high traction. Reduced Taper for added comfort. Available in two styles, Pro and Wrap.  The CP2 series grips are the softest in the Golf Pride line up and feature a reduced taper for lighter grip pressure.  This is a very good product for vibration control for arthritic players.
CP2 Pro ( Red cap)
CP2 Wrap (Blue Cap)

Introducing Golf Pride's Softest Performance Grip Ever

CP2-Logo-WEB-4color-125pxCombining high-performance technology with a soft, tacky feel, the innovative new CP2 Pro™ and CP2 wrap™ delivers comfort and control for superior performance. Featuring Golf Pride’s exclusive Control Core™  technology, a 2.5” inner core stabilizer is specifically engineered to reduce torque. A reduced taper design allows for even grip pressure in each hand, and a soft, high-traction surface provides comfort in every swing. With the CP2, control fits in the palm of your hand. Available in Standard, Midsize and Jumbo.


  • Moisture Management - moderate
  • Surface Texture-moderate
(+/- 3.5 G)
Rubber 60 R 51.5 Standard
Rubber 60 R 64 Midsize
Rubber 60 R 81 Jumbo