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Two Thumb Big Daddy Light Putter Grip

The Big Daddy Light

Scientifically Proven

On an average round of golf the putter is used for between 43% and 50% of the shots taken. Unbelievably despite the expertise of the tour golfers involved 45% of six foot puts are missed on the PGA Tour. In 2008 the University of Loughborough Sports Technology Institute in the UK conducted a scientific study of the effects of using a 2Thumb grip compared to a standard putter grip. The findings were staggering.

The use of the 2Thumb Grip resulted in an improvement in putting accuracy – right the way from reducing wrist break by up to 43% down to reducing ball hop, skid and first roll distances.


At 67g our latest Big Daddy Light grip uses our latest dual texture ‘ultra-tac’ polyurethane grip wrap and is the same weight as a standard putter grip - so it retains the same weight balance and feel as your current putter grip.

40mm width, 260mm length, 26mm depth